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Dedicated to Securing your Business & Assets

Our company has years of experience with Military, Armed Security Officer, Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard), Investigation, and Law Enforcement experience/training so you can be certain you will receive experienced "real world"  & exceptional service.  We  are a licensed/certified & registered security company through the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.   

License # C10505501 & F10483901



Security & Training Services


Uniformed Armed/Unarmed Security Officer 

Executive Protection/Body Guard  

Private Investigation (Private Detective) 

Security Patrol Services 


LTC - License to Carry 

Level III Armed Security Officer

Level IV Personal Protection Officer (bodyguard)

Non Ballistic/Non Lethal Defense

Basic Firearms (Pistol/Rifle) Handling

Advanced Firearms Handling

Ongoing security officer training

Defensive Shooting

Church Security Program Set up

Private Instruction

Personal & Home Defense 


Our Motto

*Protecting your business & assets by providing a safe environment.  

*Providing exceptional training in the private security sector to ensure the officer delivers exceptional service to clients.

Additional Training Programs Open to the Public

LTC - License to Carry Certification


We provide much more than what the state of Texas mandates in the License to Carry training course.  When you leave our course you will be confident knowing when to use and not use your firearm, what to say after a deadly force encounter to law enforcement, how to handle many situations, how to use non violent dispute resolution techniques, and so much more.  The instruction is practical and real world.  In fact you will have fun learning and leaving confident as an armed citizen. 

Home Defense


We train our students home defense and providing a safe environment for them and their families beginning with license to carry training

Refresher Course & Private Firearm Instruction


We provide refresher courses to keep our students updated and relevant beyond license to carry training.  We also provide private lessons for students.  

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible. 

NTX Security & Defense

NTX Security & Defense . Fort Worth, TX 76108 US

(817) 688-3664

DPS Private Security Board Registered & Licensed Company.

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